Soap Spheres

I finally made some soap spheres! These will definitely add a fun punch of color to my soaps. I found it a bit tedious rolling the soap into balls, but I like how they came out, and I can’t wait to use them again in a few larger batches.

Natural colorants were used in the soap: annatto, red clay, pink clay and parsley powder. The green is fading, and I used some of them in a mini-size rosemary lime soap. The smell is incredible. I am planning to wrap these up and give them to my nieces for Easter. Just the right size for little hands.

I used these guest size loaf molds from Wholesale Supplies Plus. I’m glad I found a small mold, but my soap does not slide out easily. It sticks, and I end up peeling it out of the mold. I think I need to use a firmer soap recipe, with less soft oils. Maybe adding beeswax will help. Any good recipe suggestions? New experiments will be coming up.


I’m Back

It’s been a very long time since my last post. Ever since I started working full-time, my soap making has taken a back seat. So I’ve decided to dust off the old soap blog. I love to make soap, and reading other soap maker’s blogs really inspires me to be creative and gives me new ideas for my soap.

This evening when I got home from work, I whipped up a batch of soap and separated it into six different colors using natural colorants: Annatto, turmeric, pink clay, red clay, cocoa powder, parsley powder, and natural. I plan on using these to make soap spheres. After I make them I will take a photo and post here.

Happy to be back!

Over One Year!

Wow, I’ve been out of the blog loop here for more than a year. I’m still making soap, and just had my final holiday fair this past weekend. I’m going to take a break for Christmas and work on ramping up the soapmaking business for 2010. Hopefully, I can make this blog look “soapier”.

Another Fair

Today I sold my soaps at another local holiday fair. To my dismay, and that of other vendors there, it wasn’t the best turnout we were hoping for. I’m not sure if it was a combination of the rain, slow economy, and the fact that there were other craft/holiday fairs going on this weekend in other nearby towns. Who knows? I did okay, maybe half of what I’d like to have made, but I met some interesting people, and a friend who was also there told me about a fair next weekend that I’ll probably do.

All in all, fairs are a lot of work. I had to bring my own table and chairs to today’s show, usually the venue provides tables and chairs – at least if it’s being held at a church. I guess it’s just part of the deal with selling at fairs. I was there from 8:00 am to set up, until 5:00 pm to breakdown. I’m not sure I would do this fair again next year, unless things turn around. I’ll see what next Saturday brings.

Another Cool Looking Soap

I love how this one looks, and it smells divine. I have another fair coming up in two weeks, I’ll have to test this bar to see if it’s ready to use.

Coffe Mint

Coffe Mint


I learned a cool swirling technique from Corrie over at Lomond Soap. I love how my batch of Christmas soap came out. This one is scented with Fir Needle essential oil and a natural green colorant. Need to make more batches for the holidays.



The Economy

I’m curious to know how other soapmakers are faring during this economic downturn.  Are you concerned about your business? Or are you doing all you can to market yourself and get more sales? I’m still in the start-up process, and have been successful on a small scale.  I’m just wondering if people will be spending money on handmade items during the recession, and especially for the holidays.

What are you doing to keep your business growing? I’d love to know.

Also, I just cut a new batch of soap today. I’ll post pictures soon. It’s yummy, and one I’ve been obsessed with perfecting.