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Lathering goodness

With each new batch of soap I make, I like to keep a small piece to sample for myself before I sell or give it away. Which causes a dilemma for me because I want to use all those pieces ASAP! So, my shower is filled with chunks of soap just waiting for me to come in and lather up. One batch that has finally cured was very bubbly and full of lather, it was so awesome.  This gives me the confidence to know that my customers and family will also enjoy using my soaps. My cocoa butter swirl soap was so smooth and creamy, my skin is loving me right now.

Anyhow, just thought I’d share that bit of soapy obsession. Does anyone else have a pile of soap in the shower anxiously awaiting your use?


Today’s Soap

Here is the result of my soap made with yogurt. I like to use some type of milk or cream in my soap, and I usually use goat’s milk, but decided to try yogurt. I also used sweet almond oil. This batch came out very soft and I’m not sure why. Hopefully, it will firm up while it cures.


Today I made my first batch of bath fizzies. Let’s just say, they could have been better. But, for my first time making them I think they came out okay. I will take pictures and post them later. It’s all trial and error when one is learning to make bath and beauty products. I remember when I made my first batch of cold process soap; I was so scared of using the lye. Now I’m an old pro and have my recipes and work format down to a science.

I also made two more batches of soap. One was plain, unscented with shea butter. The other, which I can’t wait to see how it turns out, is strawberry and yogurt. I’ve never used yogurt in a soap recipe, but I figured it can’t be all that much different from using goat’s milk or cow’s milk (something I haven’t used yet either). Once they all come out of the mold, I will take pictures and post.

Ahh…soapmaking is so much fun!

New soap batch

Here is the result of yesterday’s batch of soap. I made a mint/lemongrass layered bar with poppy seeds for some scrubby action. I love the way it came out!

Minty Lemongrass Soap

Minty Lemongrass Soap

Cost of oil

I like to use canola oil in my soap and I can usually find it for a low price- 1 gallon jug at the grocery store for $7.99. I ran out of it recently, so I drove up to the local market only to find that the price had increased to $9.99/gal. I guess the cost of all oils have increased in recent months. A gallon of canola oil will get me through about six or eight 5 pound molds, as it is not the primary oil in my recipes. Luckily, I stocked up on palm and coconut oils in 50 lb buckets, which should last until the end of the year, if not longer.

Welcome to my soap blog

Welcome to the Soapy Girl blog. In the days to come, I will be blogging a lot about soap, soapmaking, and all things related. I love to make soap and it has become quite an addiction!

More to come.