Newest batch

Honey Beer

Honey Beer

In this batch of soap, I replaced the water with beer. I must say, when you mix the lye into the beer (make sure it is completely flat) the smell is rather harsh. I also added some honey, which you can see as flecks. I guess it didn’t dissolve very well. This never happened to me before. Oh well, it smells sweet, due to the honey. Next time I make a beer soap, I will leave the honey out and maybe some of the beer scent will come through.

Been busy preparing for my first fall fair. I’ll be selling lots of new fall scented soap!


2 responses to “Newest batch

  1. Nice! I’ve never tried beer in soap… are there any obvious differences in the finished soap?

  2. Nope! But since it is still curing, I haven’t used it yet. I hear beer soap is full of lather. Can’t wait to try it out in a few weeks.

    Thanks for your comment, Sherrie.

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